Center for Transgender Women

Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity in Georgia

About US

Center for Transgender Women is the Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity in Georgia which produces its activity directly for the purposes of protecting the rights and liberties of transgender women as well as improving their social life. Our organization makes free advocacy programs in Georgia. Members of the organization are Georgian resident transgender women, whose social and economic as well as living conditions are extremely impaired. Every day transgender women are under physical, psychological and political pressure, they are often victims of sexual violence. In Georgia, population of which is 2.5 million in total, 4 transgender women have been killed with hate-motivated crime during the last 2 years. As well, many facts of violence and injury against transgender women have been fixed. All above-mentioned relates to acute transphobic dependence being in the country, which gives sharp negative result in psychological state of broad masses of population. The only source of revenue for transgender women in Georgia is a minimum of subsistence gained as a sex worker, which enables them to satisfy elementary conditions of life.

Due to religion extremism in the country, state policy against transgender women demonstrates quite hard results and recurrences, which is certainly reflected in Georgian policy. Transgender women have no possibility in Georgia to enjoy and use general and vocational education system, which makes serious problem for further social adaptation and self-realization of transgender people. Average age of transgender women in Georgia is 25 and therefore their future presence mostly depends on their self-realization. Transgender people suffer from acute discrimination in receiving employment, healthcare and educational resources due to their gender orientation. Today, great number of transgender women lives in the streets. They have no houses. They are often left in the streets due to their gender identity, because dependence towards them includes transphobic approaches.

LGBT organizations operating in Georgia cannot solve the above-mentioned problems properly, whereas their resources are generally addressed to assistance of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, but transgender people are always left without any financial or other assistance. Just for it, transgender women have established non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity in Georgia producing its activity to help and support transgender people only.

Center for Transgender Women